By Michael Richardson 2023-10-12

The Law of Two Feet

If a session is not providing the value that you hoped it would, you should feel no guilt in leaving to find one that does. You owe it to yourself. If you leave a session, do so quietly and politely. When entering a session that has already started, do so quietly and politely.

The Hallway Track

You may have come to Momentum to attend the “Javascript track” or the “Professional Skills track”. But you would be remiss to neglect the “Hallway track”. Quite simply, this is the opportunity to connect and converse with other top-notch professionals. By all means, attend the sessions and enjoy the content but also take some time to meet new people. Discuss the challenges that you’re grappling with and the solutions that you’ve found. The main ballroom will be open all day. Get a group together and hash it out at one of the tables

Try Something New

You never know what you’ll find in a session that’s outside of your expertise. Try to attend one session that stretches you. Do you love DevOps? See what's new in web development. Do you eat, sleep, and breathe code? Go to a professional skills talk. When you leave Momentum today, I hope that you’re a little more well-rounded than when you walked in.

Take Care of Yourself

Drink water.

Eat good food. Not too much.

Have a coffee. Not 12.

Take a break if you need it. Make time to connect and relax.